Meaning:snake (generic term)
Language: Gǀui
Species: Serpentes
dangerous animals, “bite-thing”; synonym: ŋǂīī-ǀùà, ŋǂǐi-ǀoã (carnivores, possible man-killers)
Ethnobiological_notes:when people encounter a snake in the bush they immediately try to kill it, whether it is poisonous or not; most of the snakes one usually encounters in the Central Kalahari are poisonous; in a camp people notice the presence of a snake when their attention arouses by urgent alarming chirps of a bird, e.g. the Kalahari robin; the meat of snakes is rarely eaten; a typical member of the ʼpaaxoʼ-category (bite-thing, harmful animals)
References:Nakagawa 2013: 21; Tanaka and Sugawara 2010: 113