Language: Gǀui
Species: Pedetes capensis
small game animals, “small meat”
food & drinks
Related_lexemes:ɡǂà̰n̄ “a hooked rod used for hunting springhares”; ŋǀūbī “water container made of the springhare’s bladder (used in the past), (a herb (ɡǀṵ́ı́) is put in because the water gets malodorous)”; ǂχúnù “the third stick of the sprinhare hunting rod (ɡǂà̰n̄)”
Ethnobiological_notes:hunted; one of the major inhabitants of hard terrain in the Kalahari, preferred prey of hunters; food taboo for girls around menarche and parents of newborn babies
References:Nakagawa 2013: 69; Tanaka and Sugawara 2010: 117