Genus Sarcophaga

Biological classification:
  • kingdom: Animalia
  • - phylum: Arthropoda
  • -- class: Insecta
  • --- order: Diptera
  • ---- family: Tachinidae
  • ----- genus: Sarcophaga
Date: 2011
Creator: Jeff Heath and the Dogon and Bangime Languages Project
Permission: Creative Commons Attribution License
Place: Czech Republic, Police nad Metují, Hlavňov
Creator: Jan Moravec
Creator: BioImages - the Virtual Fieldguide (UK)
Permission: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
Comments: Longitude (deg): -1.5. Latitude (deg): 51.4. Longitude (deg/min): 1° 30' W. Latitude (deg/min): 51° 20' N. Vice county name: Berks. Vice county no.: 22. Country: England. Stage: Male imago. Identified by: Malcolm Storey. Comment: Male - in cop. with 6/6/98 [BM]. Category: macro-photograph. Real world width(mm): 13.8853333333333. Photographic equipment used: Specimens directly scanned on Black Widow 9630 SP flatbed scanner.

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