Species Fingerhuthia africana (Zulu-fescue)

Biological classification:
  • kingdom: Plantae
  • - phylum: Magnoliophyta
  • -- class: Liliopsida
  • --- order: Poales
  • ---- family: Poaceae
  • ----- species: Fingerhuthia africana
Characteristics:perennial grass, 90cm tall, unbranched culms, the inflorescence is a dense cylindrical spike, spikelets fall off when ripe
References:Van Rooyen et al. 2001: 102
Source: http://media.eol.org/data_objects/16067422
Date: 2010-01-20
Place: Orient
Creator: Royal Botanic Garden  Edinburgh
Permission: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License
Comments:   Fingerhuthia africana Lehm. (Gramineae).  Image of herbarium specimen held at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (E).  Specimen barcode number E00357561.  Specimen collected from: Orient.    This is a low resolution version of the image. 

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