Species Equus caballus Linnaeus, 1758 (Horse)

Biological classification:
  • kingdom: Animalia
  • - phylum: Chordata
  • -- class: Mammalia
  • --- order: Perissodactyla
  • ---- family: Equidae
  • ----- species: Equus caballus
Source: http://media.eol.org/data_objects/30902164
Date: 2014-09-16
Creator: inaturalist
Permission: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License
Comments: 2014-09-15 Forest Medium altitude Warm The horses are near that it feels that the horse is bring up his baby Big,adult and juvenile ,brown It has some different with female and one of it's that female has a small size than the male because the female has the control to bring up his baby.
Source: wikimedia
Permission: PD

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