Subspecies Damaliscus pygargus dorcas (Bontebok)

Biological classification:
  • kingdom: Metazoa
  • - phylum: Chordata
  • -- class: Mammalia
  • --- order: Artiodactyla
  • ---- family: Bovidae
  • ----- subspecies: Damaliscus pygargus dorcas
Characteristics:herbivore; height: 90cm; the coat is very colourful, the top of the back and the neck are light brown getting darker on the flanks and legs; the belly, the lower legs and a patch around the crop are white; the face is brown with two large, white blazes which usually merge; both sexes have horns; it can be distinguished from the Blesbok by the white patch around the crop
South Africa
Lowland fynbos and renosterveld
References:Cillié 1997: 72
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