Language Taa/ǃAma

edited by Naumann, Christfried

Taa (ǃXoon, ǃXóõ) is a Tuu language spoken by about 3000 native speakers mainly in Botswana and Namibia. It is represented here in the practical orthography proposed by Güldemann & Naumann (2011) [guldemannnaumann2011], except for East !Xoon represented according to Traill 1994 [traill1994]. Grammatical abbreviations: 1 'agreement class 1' (concordial vowel i, tone class ii), 2 'agreement class 2' (concordial vowel ã~a, tone classes i or ii), 3 'agreement class 3' (concordial vowel e, tone classes i or ii), 4 'agreement class 4' (concordial vowel u, tone class ii), 5 'agreement class 5' (concordial sonorant n~ŋ, tone class ii). The classes are paired singular/plural.


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