Language Juǀ'hoan

edited by Sell, Lena

Juǀ'hoan (Juǀ'hoansi, Southeastern Ju) is a Kx'a language belonging to the Ju language cluster spoken by about 30 000 native speakers mainly in Namibia and Botswana. It is represented here in the standard orthography (cf. Dickens 1994)[dickens1994]. Grammatical abbreviations: ha/sì 'gender 1' (singular ha, plural sìǃá or sì; human nouns), ha/hi 'gender 2' (singular ha, plural hì), ha 'gender 3' (singular ha/plural ha), hi 'gender 4' (singular hì/plural hì), ka 'gender 5' (singular ká/plural ká) (cf. Dickens, 2005, A Concise Grammar of Juǀ'hoan: 31ff.).


Kx'a kxaa1236
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